About Us

Our School Community

St. Joseph's Elementary is a K-6 school located in the small rural community of Harbour Breton, Newfoundland. The school was officially opened in 1973 as a K-12 school under the name St. Joseph's School. Presently, there are 114 students enrolled at St. Joseph's Elementary.

The school has a staff of 10 school based teachers, 1 system wide guidance teacher, and 4 support staff. We also avail of itinerant services and other supports from NLESD.


  • All students can learn
  • Home and community are an integral part of the learning process
  • Collaboration enhances learning
  • In shared decision making
  • In respect for self, others and the learning environment
  • Staff are responsible to be professional and innovative


  • Participation Nation
  • Play 4 Fun
  • Outdoor Learning Center
  • Outdoor Gymnasium
  • Tree Canada Partner
  • Good Life Fitness Award Winner
  • QDPE Award
  • School Council Member of the Year 2015